Arbitration & Conciliation

Arbitration and Conciliation is an Alternate Dispute Redressal mechanism which has seen immense and phenomenal growth over last few years and now it is an effective dispute resolution and adjudication process. It is a form of alternative dispute resolution which provides platform to resolve disputes outside the court. Legale Solutio is a leading law firm in India that provides alternative dispute resolution services and assists its clients with the resolution of pending disputes.

We are a pioneer full-service law firm in India having global expertise and have a team of incredibly talented professionals for carrying out the Arbitration and Conciliation process. We assist a wide range of clients that includes individuals and corporate and also major corporations in India. Our service includes the resolution of disputes in several areas in Industries like Oil and Gas, Real Estate, Information Technology, Construction and Infrastructure, Mining, Power, Banking and Finance, Entertainment and Media, Insurance, Aviation and many more.

Our team at Legale Solutio is highly competent to deal with issues relating to Appointment, Substitution and Terminating mandate of Arbitrators, reference of disputes to Arbitrators and arbitration proceedings before Arbitral Tribunal – both domestic and International Commercial Arbitrations. The team also handles cases post Arbitration Award i.e. filing of Objections against Award passed by the Arbitrator(s), Appeals before Appellate Court and Hon’ble Apex Court. We have expertise in handling International Commercial Arbitration, and have received a lot of accolades for our past successes. 

We have expertise in both the arbitration and conciliation processes though the two have some fundamental differences. Through conciliation, our conciliators arrive at an agreeable decision by discussing the issue of a dispute with both the parties. In arbitration, the arbitrator makes the final decision after assessing the arguments and evidence presented by both parties. 

Our Attorneys have acted and are currently acting as Counsels and Arbitrators. We provide the best advice in high stake arbitrations along with effective support for resolving the disputes. Our expert team having specific expertise meets the requirement of the clients and handles complex matters of arbitration in India and abroad.