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It is the practice all over the world for people with dubious intent in their minds to find cover for themselves under the weak areas of the law in their bid to escape sanctions under the laws of the land. These are happy times for Indians because for once, it has been establishe that the law is no respecter of persons.                                                                              

The Genesis Of This Matter In Question

There are standards prescribe by the authorities as far as selling dairy products are concerned in India. This is necessary considering the junk products that flood the market and the reality of the harm that they will cause to the body. There are several people living today but who are carrying a permanent disability for life due to the consumption of food that they purchase from the shelf but which turne out to be a poison. The petitioner in this case in question was caugh in the act in the year 1995, 24 years ago. Final judgment on him was delivere on the 04-10-2019. 

The Offence

There are standards in India concerning milk products and violation of this will attract severe punishment under the law. The prescribe standard for milk products at the time of the arrest of this accuse whose name was not state was 18%. So, this is what the accuse set out from his factory for Indians to consume in deliberate violation of what the constitution says:

Milk Fat in the sample- 46%

Milk Solid Non-Fat-7.7%  

The analysis of the two above falls below the minimum standard of 18%. That is the genesis of the case that has dragge on for 24 years and which was finally settle at the supreme court of justice on the 4th day of this month. 

You Cannot Twist Article 142

The accuse is desperate to have an escape route through article 142 but the Bench of Justice Deepak Gupta and Justice Aniruddha Bose stood in defense of article 142 that it cannot be use to protect criminals. In their own words, if they set this bad precedent, what will happy to murder cases and other severe criminality related cases? Granting the prayers of the accused according to the learned men of the bench will amount to in their words jointly issued: “make a mockery of the law”. 

Appeal to Sentiments

The plea of the accused that this incident happened a long time ago (1995) did not help matters. In so much as the law has been put in place then, ignorance of it or deliberate disobedience to it are all taken as an offence punishable under the law. The attempt to hide under article 142 by the accused fell flat and he is now to face the full punishment for the crime he committed against the Indian people. 

This is a wakeup call to business executives with criminal intents in their hearts. No matter how long, justice will prevail. So, The consumer acts App will expose a lot of shady dealings in the days ahead.

Post Author: Legalesolutio


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