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Protection of the rights and interests of the consumers is a very important aspect of the entire buying and selling phenomenon of the market. The Consumer Protection Act is aim to safeguard the interest of the consumers and save them from being victims of unfair practice. Enlightening the consumers regarding their rights as buyers of various goods and services is also an important aim of the Act. In case of any unforeseen fraudulence, the Act also specifies where the consumers can redress the grievance.  

The Indian Government has passed the latest Consumer Protection Bill 2019.  The New Act is improvise to make the law for conserving the rights of the consumers even more crisply. Moreover, it lays down a simple procedure following which the consumers can get speedy redressal. The Act has also brought under its umbrella the teleshopping industry and e-commerce sites.

The followings are the highlights of the Consumer Protection Act 2019.

Formation of the CCPA:

The New Act has made the Central Consumer Protection Authority the primary body which would look into issues relating to the violation of consumer rights. And advertisements portraying misleading information and unlawful trade practises. The Authority has been empowere with the motto to “promote, protect and enforce” the rights of a particular community. The CCPA has a separate branch of investigation wing which would solely look into the investigation process. Moreover, the wing is even empowere to seize an unfair business unit.

Punishment for misleading advertising companies:

The New Act has decided to take stern actions against endorsers showcasing and displaying false information regarding a particular product or service. Such advertising agencies could be penalise with a fine of up to 10 lakhs rupees and even a maximum of 2 years of imprisonment.

Liability of the Product:

Product liability is the domain of law in which the retailers, distributors, suppliers, manufacturers, and the shopkeepers who are directly link with the process of making the product available to the direct consumers are held responsible for the damage the products cause. In case the usage of any product causes any damage to the consumers. Thus the product liability action can be made against the manufacturer or the service provider of the goods.

 Advanced pecuniary jurisdiction:

The pecuniary jurisdiction can be interprete as the ability of the court of law to hear cases on the basis of priority of the matter. Every state has a different set of rules with regard to the pecuniary jurisdiction. The New Act has escalated the pecuniary jurisdiction of forums like District Commission, State Commission and National Commission from 20 lakhs to 1 crore, 1 crore to 10 crores and 1 crore to 10 crores respectively. The New Act has set a direct forum in which the consumers and the concerne producers can have a face to face redressal before a formal complaint is lodge.

Thus, the Consumer Protection Act 2019 is make simpler and lucid with a view to solve complaints and protect the interest of the consumers. It is aims to help consumers consume products manufactured following a certain benchmark.

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