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The bill 2019 passed on Monday declared by the “Lok Sabha”. This atypical decision has raised so many controversies not only within the country but worldwide. This bill is facing mixed reactions as the agenda is ambiguous because it is somehow unclear in the perspective of consequences.

As in October 2015 the Jammu and Kashmir high court declared that article 370 is unchangeable.

And there is no amendment possible. The bill 2019 revoked the article 35A and 370. Therefore, it is inserted on the basis of the betterment of the region and the rights of the Indian citizens. 

Changes under Bill 2019

  • The government will make executive rules subject to service and conditions
  • Central Government will decide the term of the commissioners
  • Under the amendment, the state information commissioners are shortened
  • Allowances and salaries of the chief election commissioner and chief information commission will be equal and will be fixed according to the law of the constitution
  • RTI given equal status. This enables both to function separately and with autonomy
  • The order of information commissioners is challengeable in the high court  
  • The autonomy of Information commissioners remained the same in the amendment
  • The hiring process of the information commissioners will remain the same.
  • RTI gives the right to the central government to hire, conditions of service, allowances, salaries and decide terms

The right to information amendment Bill demanded by the opposition for an inspection. But the 75-117 votes in favor of the government failed the request. This was rare that opposition failed like this. The Lok Sabha Announced the RTI bill 2019 last month on 22 JULY with a voicemail including 218 votes in support & 79 in opposition to the bill.

Opposition Protest

The opposition overpowered by the Government because of the 118 votes in favor. Therefore, the members of the opposition left the Lok Sabha by complaining and try to stop the RTI.

  • The opposition state that with the help of this Bill 2019 union government is inquire about to frail the RTI against the empowerment and control on the central government and state information commissioners.
  • Senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor said RTI bill 2019 is not an amendment but it is the removal of Bill.
  • Union minister Jitendra Singh gave the assurance of the RTI amendment that it didn’t misuse authorities to structure rules related to state commissioners.
  • Moreover, Jitendra Singh said RTI act 2005 the authority of structuring rules related to information commissioners does not include in the union or concurrent list or state.

Therefore, it automatically falls under the residuary authorities of the central government. 

Section 13 and 16 can be altered in the RTI act of 2005. These sections consist of the term and salaries of the chief commissioners at the state and central levels. It is mentioned in the RTI Amendment bill the central Government will decide the term and pays and allowances of the information commissioners. Therefore, it is totally for the betterment of the state and rules and regulations.

Post Author: Legalesolutio