Criminal Litigation

Criminal litigation is the process of trying the criminal defendants in a court of law and it is completely different from civil litigation. We at Legale Solutio deal with several types of criminal cases and we have a very bright record for handling criminal cases in favor of criminal defendants. Our team of astute, supportive and highly sophisticated criminal lawyers represented many criminal defendants successfully in the past in the criminal courts.

Our knowledgeable, professional and experienced team has exceptional skills in making strategic, practical and sensible criminal law advice. We deal with a wide range of criminal cases involving application of CrPC, IPC, PMLA, NDPS, PC Acts, Negotiable Instruments Act, etc. before several criminal courts as well as forums. We also handle the cases related to FEMA, RBI, etc. and also other cases investigated by ED, Police, CBI, DRI, etc. 

Criminal law in India means taking actions for carrying certain types of offenses specified in the criminal laws and it may include misdemeanors and felonies. There are several rules enacted by the Government to enforce the criminal law in India and the procedures define the process through which criminal laws come into force. Criminal law means that when a person commits a crime, the government may enforce the criminal law to punish that person.  

For dealing the criminal cases, criminal lawyers need to make meticulous planning, should understand the laws thoroughly and should focus on the details of the case to make excellent strategies. Our criminal lawyers are experts in the art of cross-examination and trial and can set up the best defense for their clients while sticking to the laws. We represent our clients in various courts in India that include District courts, High Courts and the Hon’ble Supreme Court and we have a brilliant record of success in criminal cases.