Intellectual Property means the creation of mind like inventions, artistic and literacy work, designs, images, and symbols, etc. The Intellectual Property Right in India is dynamic and it requires specialized skill-set and knowledge to handle matters related to IPR. Legale Solutio has a multi-faceted internationally acclaimed team of lawyers and an R&D team of professionals that manages the IPR vertical and provides a comprehensive service to its clients. 

We handle all end to end needs of the clients and assist our esteemed customers by creating and securing, registering and enforcing IPR. It includes patents, trademarks, designs, trade secrets, and copyrights, and we have a highly experienced team that is proficient in all technology sectors. Our services extend to consumer goods, software, food and beverage, telecom, mechanical, pharmaceuticals, mobile apps, cosmetics, biotech, and many others.

Legislation on IPR can vary significantly depending on the need for protection, infringement, prosecution, or revocation. Thus, it is important to adopt a robust Intellectual Property strategy that can provide an effective solution to a host of industries. Our Intellectual Property team provides service to the global as well as Indian businesses and enforces the IPR rights by assisting in filing and registration, prosecution, licensing, valuation and also by defending the rights against infringements.

Our expert team has the necessary experience to deal across different sectors and understands the importance of providing customized solutions. The track-record of high-profile patent litigations may indicate that IPR issues primarily revolve around engineering, pharmaceuticals, and automobiles. In reality, the Intellectual Property Rights issues can impact any industry and people located across all verticals.

Our team can work as litigators, patent agents or technical advisors and the focused approach of the team on all IPR related issues is the reason for our success. We consider defending the interest of our customers as our prime responsibility and we always try to provide our best service to meet our commitments.