Labour Law

Employees want a safe workplace and like the employers who can provide a workplace where doing work is a pleasure. But unfortunately, some workers face unfair treatment and illegal conditions by unscrupulous employers who like to take advantage of the naïve employees. Succeeding in an employment lawsuit may be virtually impossible for an employee without an efficient lawyer and at Legale Solutio; you will get your best solution for all your employment-related harassment issues.

We understand that many workers do not know about the rights of the workers in the workplace or can be afraid of speaking against employers. The violation of labor laws can lead to lost benefits and wages as well as missed opportunities in the workplace and can generate stress. Some employers engage attorneys that handle many employment-related disputes and have much more resources than an employee.

We help the aggrieved employees to come out of serious disputes related to employment and get a favorable decision in favor of the employees. Our highly experienced team of legal experts helps the exploited employees by looking into and conforming to various mandatory statutory compliances under the Labor Laws. We can handle all Disputes between Management and workmen under the Industrial disputes Act and various allied Labor Laws.

Our expert team of legal professionals besides knowing the laws related to labor law in detail, and associated court procedures, also know what type of information to gather to win. Our team knows how to get the required information, and how to present the documents and witnesses to the court and the jury. We also know how to win the cases and can prevent an unscrupulous company and its attorneys from using unfair means to win the cases.

You will get the most cost-effective solution for handling your case when you hire our service, and can easily challenge your employer from the harassment that caused you a lot of problems.