Mergers & Acquisitions

Two distinct forms of business are mergers and acquisitions and both these result in the consolidation of two different companies into one. All such transactions can result in dramatic implication for all the stakeholders that includes management, customers, and employees and it needs expert handling to carry out the whole process effectively. Legale Solutio is a pioneer M&A law firm and we advise clients all over India and abroad on this most complex and very important transaction.

We are at the forefront of developing innovative solutions that simplify the inherent complexities of Merger and Acquisition transactions. We also deal with complex transactions that spread across cross-border jurisdictions having typical complexities. Legale Solutio ranks among the top-rated Mergers and Acquisitions Law firms located in India for its brilliant performance in the past. 

We have an excellent team comprising top-class M&A lawyers who can evaluate, structure and execute and are recognized as the go to M&A lawyers. We handle a full range of M&A cases in India that includes demergers and reconstruction, buy-outs, acquisitions and divestment, debt restructuring and buy-back. We are amongst the coveted M&A acquisitions firms and have a rich knowledge base and we are well-known solution providers. 

Our team is highly skilled to take up any transaction and completing it from start to finish with precision and perfection. The team is able to draft, negotiate from the term sheet stage right to the closing and advise for all ancillary aspects. It includes receiving the regulatory approvals wherever required and secretarial compliance and entity formation, etc. 

We extend our advice to commercial, legal and compliance issues that concern the issues concerning the venture capital fund or investment and private equity. We have significant expertise in handling various Merger and Acquisitions transactions and proved our capabilities repeatedly in the past working for top-notch companies all over the world.