Our Team

Legale Solutio was born out of a concept. It was an idea first that was further developed into a concept and much later it was driven to enable legal expertise for global customers. The visionary minds at the helm of our business leadership possess unparallel talent to not just mitigate events within the legal jurisdiction of various territories but also the astute foresight to predict turn of events in future course of time. Initially it was an idea that was harnessed to combat the rising workforce talent in developing economies such as ours in India and nurture them into the mould of prospective talents for specialized areas of work. Over a period of time, our founding fathers realized a potential raw talent pool that was trained in technology and qualified legal expertise was lying in India as a nascent untapped force. Through relentless perseverance and intrinsic research and analysis, they realized from experience that the world will eventually look at smarter options to lower bills without compromising on quality. This lead to the birth of Legale Solutio by the founding fathers who had enjoyed prior success in managing legal firms out of offshore locations successfully. With prior experience and credible repute to their name, the founding partners established Legale Solutio, a modern, technology enabled legal firm with smart solutions.

Legale Solutio today offers a wide palate of legal solutions but its core operational values and assets have remain unchanged over the years. It had started small initially, restricting operations to offering legal intelligence and solutions. Later on as it started growing, Legale Solutio started to add more diversity in its services. For over more than a decade in operation now, Legale Solutio is an ever growing family of team members, partners and clients that experience hassle free and seamless solutions from experts and professionals.